Remarkable Girls Episodes

Episode 1 : Remarkable's Crystals
Trixie Amory, a loner girl. She was dreaming about something terrible. It's strange, but don't matter. Vanda Pexton wanted to be friend with Trixie. But Trixie still silent & don't care. Mitzy Rullif told to Vanda that Trixie is jinxed. Mitzy told to Vanda "Don;t you so close with her or unlucky will visit you". It's so horrible, all peoples hates Trixie. Trixie have no friend, still alone. But Vanda thought that Trixie is not bad. Maybe she just not lucky, but she still nice. And then, something wrong happen. There is black ink that attract students to another zone. All students was dissapear suddenly. Vanda & Mitxy can't escape. Vanda feels afraid but she still trying for escape & help all students. Then a beautiful light was come, the light become a beauty crystal. The same thing happened to Mitzy. Now Vanda & Mitzy feel confused, what the crystals means? Trixie can't saw anybody in everywhere. She feel somethings wrong. But what? Then a beautiful light come to Trixie & become a beauty crystal. Feel so afraid, Vanda & Mitzy surprised. Suddenly, a woman look like Black Ink coming. Vanda & Mitzy don't know anything. Suddenly they are transformed into remarkable. What happen & Remarkable's means?